As the Founder and CEO of PassionFlix, Tosca Musk transforms romance novels into powerful, female driven films. In today’s episode, Tosca talks about her collaborative and empowering filmmaking process and reveals everything we need to know about PassionFlix. Tosca also shows us how to translate a book into a successful movie, reveals what it really takes to build a sustainable business in tandem with a healthy family life, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • The biggest changes happening in film
  • What led Tosca to embark on this unique genre
  • What it’s really like being a female director
  • The process of identifying and interpreting a book into a movie
  • What the authors’ roles really look like in the filmmaking process
  • How long it takes for a book to be turned into a movie
  • Finding directors and actors for PassionFlix films
  • Why the female characters of PassionFlix are never weak

Tosca Musk is a multi-award winning filmmaker known for her directing, producing, writing, and executive producing of feature films and leading-edge content. In 2017, Tosca co-founded ​Passionflix​, the premium streaming entertainment platform that produces and distributes empowering, fun and passionate movies for audiences of all ages.

Recently featured in ​WWD and ​TechCrunch​, Tosca launched her career at Alliance-Atlantis, Canada’s largest producer and distributor of feature films, becoming the Director of Development at Sela Ward’s Magnolia Films. She then moved into production, as Los Angeles Segment Producer for ​TV Times​, and subsequently stepped into her debut directing role with the feature film ​Puzzled​. This marked the beginning of over 20 feature films, television movies, and web content.

Her television movie, ​Holiday Engagement​, provided Hallmark Channel with it’s highest-rated Sunday night movie in the network’s history, and her family feature, ​Simple Things​, garnered nine awards, including three “Best Picture” Awards, and “Audience” Award. Tosca’s web series, ​Tiki Bar TV​, was used by Steve Jobs to promote the iPod with Video in his 2005 Keynote speech and held the ranking of #1 downloaded video on iTunes for over 3 months. It is still considered to be a pioneer of web series.

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