Leora Kornfeld is a digital media researcher, teacher, former radio personality, and above all, one of the foremost experts on digital trends and online economics. In today’s episode, Leora delves into the unpredictable nature of the Internet and reveals why conventional practices rarely work in the digital economy. She also explores the social, emotional and financial dynamics of the web, and reveals how they impact traditional entertainment industries.

Topics Include:

  • Getting noticed in an oversaturated space
  • Why there’s value in expensive content
  • The boom in online funding campaigns
  • Why Facebook is a walled garden
  • Lessons on streaming revenue model from Spotify and Napster

Leora Kornfeld’s research looks at the role of digital, networked technologies in marketing and the economic structures of the Internet. She has a particular interest in the Internet’s effects on the media and entertainment industries, specifically the tension between the fragmentation of audiences and content on the one hand and the pull of consolidation and aggregation on the other. She blogs on this topic at demassed.blogspot.com and her work has also been published in Harvard Business School cases, journal articles, and research reports for industry associations.

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itunes-icon Leora Kornfeld: How to Make It Big In The Online Economy

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