In today’s episode, award-winning political and advocacy advertising consultant Joe Fuld reveals how (and why) big brands are using advocacy campaigns in their marketing. He also breaks down the best tactics and strategies for increasing engagement in social issues, shows us what commercial enterprises can learn from political campaigns, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • The most important thing PR professionals need to know about the state of advocacy today
  • How marketing campaigns are similar to advocacy for social and political issues
  • Tactics and strategies for finding a unique, authentic thread in advocacy
  • How to open the engagement funnel for potential advocates
  • Approaching the social challenges of gaining awareness and organic reach
  • How Millennials are engaging and participating in advocacy campaigns
  • Why digital campaign tactics can be much more scalable than traditional tactics
  • The differences between an advocacy and an accountability campaign

Joe Fuld is the founder of The Campaign Workshop, a Democratic political consulting firm based in Washington DC. Joe is known for his creativity and commitment to the causes and campaigns that he works on. He has produced award-winning direct mail, digital and creative strategies for a long list of clients, including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, Defenders of Wildlife, LIUNA, DC VOTE, The Pretrial Justice Institute, AFSCME, NRDC, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, as well as many other groups, candidates, and ballot measures.

Prior to becoming a Democratic political consultant, Joe served as the Northeast Political Director at the Democratic National Committee and managed 10 Democratic political campaigns throughout the country. Joe is a seasoned political trainer and facilitator. He has been the lead trainer for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute’s Candidate and Campaign Training School for over fifteen years. He also conducts trainings for many other groups and organizations. Joe currently serves on the board of the CAIR Coalition and The International Dyslexia Association.

Learn more about Joe Fuld:

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