Today we’re talking to Lauren Magura (the Founder and CEO of Cinematcher) about how her app is revolutionizing the way people find work within the film, television, and digital industries. During the conversation, Lauren breaks down everything we need to know about her game-changing app, and reveals why she left her dream job at Universal Pictures to pursue her vision.

Topics include:

  • Addressing the need for on-demand content creators
  • What it really takes to build the prototype of your vision
  • How to fund an app, pay coders, and find investors
  • How Cinematcher encourages diversity in creation
  • How the app has applications beyond film and TV production

Lauren Magura is the founder and CEO of Cinematcher, a matchmaking app created specially for film, TV, and digital media jobs and events. The company was launched in March of 2017 with users from 50 states and over 15 countries worldwide. Cinematcher and 9 other companies were chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants to join the NBCU EDGE Accelerator, where they were introduced to high-level executives, including Peter Kiriacoulacos, the Chief Procurement Officer at Comcast.

The idea for creating Cinematcher came about through Lauren’s passion for connecting people across the globe. The true dedication of everyone in the industry and the need for an instant and location-based hiring process to keep up with the massive increase of content creation influenced Lauren to put Cinematcher into motion. Prior to founding Cinematcher, Lauren worked in marketing and film at NBC operations and Universal Pictures.

Learn more about Lauren Magura:

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