As the Co-founder and Chief Product Operator at OptiQlyPeter McCarthy helps everyone from independent publishers to industry giants realize the full sales potential of their books, ebooks, and online products. In today’s episode, he takes us behind the scenes at OptiQly, shows us how to manage increased competition in the online space, pores over the future possibilities of publishing, and much more.

Topics include:

  • OptiQly’s role in publishing today (and the future)
  • How merchandising books will continue to evolve
  • Gaining deeper insight and interpreting Amazon algorithms
  • Factors and platforms that help generate online products
  • Why books are often misaligned from their marketing

Peter McCarthy is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at OptiQly, where he oversees service and product development across the company. OptiQly helps marketers interpret dozens of signals and ranking factors that impact sales performance at online retailers, such as Amazon. Peter is a multi-channel marketer and digital strategist with over two decades in the cutting edge of web development, digital publishing, eCommerce, distribution, and digital marketing. He frequently writes, speaks, teaches, and comments on the latest developments in trade publishing, technology, and marketing.

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