Today’s guest is George Jeng, the Vice President of Product at CogniK – a recommendation platform that helps media companies personalize content.

Topics include:

  • How to use social media trends to assess a topic’s popularity
  • The personalization and monetization of different platforms
  • Voice activation vs. messaging
  • Incorporating the Lean Startup process
  • How to improve on personalization
  • Demonstrating personalization through Vincent and chatbots

As the VP of Product for CogniK, George Jeng is responsible for delivering scalable enterprise grade technology solutions. CogniK has been an innovator in the recommendation space that works with brands like Nickelodeon, MTV, and France TV. George has built a career around designing great products to deliver intuitive user experiences for both consumer facing and internal business applications. George is an advocate of the Lean Startup process, and firm believer in designing better products through iterative testing.

Prior to CogniK, he was the Head of Optimization at Time Out Group, where he managed and executed the optimization and personalization roadmap for the Editorial, Advertising, and e-Commerce divisions of Time Out. George also started a side project known as Above the Fold, a single page news site that aggregates the top news displayed on the home pages on over 20 news outlets.

Learn more about George Jeng:

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