Zach LeBeau is the CEO of SingularDTV – a blockchain studio that is paving the way for a new, decentralized, and worldwide entertainment industry. Today he tells us how he’s making it all happen. During the conversation, Zach reveals how the blockchain technology his studio has chosen to embrace will give everyone from indie artists to media giants more creative freedom, and take better control of their revenue, rights, and royalties.

Topics include:

  • Content discovery in a decentralized world
  • The connection between convenience and piracy
  • How decentralized methods can empower every part of your life
  • Keeping technology out of the wrong hands

Zach LeBeau is the CEO and co-founder of SingularDTV, a blockchain entertainment studio that launched its tokenized ecosystem in 2016, generating a crypto-community record of $7.5m in just 15 minutes. He is also the co-creator of the CODE, a revolutionary new type of decentralized business structure developed in association with Swiss crypto valley law firm, MME.

Growing into adulthood “on the road”, Zach became familiar with various international business structures and practices, finding a way to meld his artistic pursuits with his commercials ones. He wrote his first novel while solo sailing thousands of miles on the Caribbean Sea, produced critically acclaimed music with DJ Vajdai in London, Prague and Budapest, managed commercial properties for the Crystal Group of Companies in Ghana, and became an independent filmmaker and fashion designer when he returned to the US.

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