Today we’re talking to Traci Paige Johnson (yummico founder and creator of the Nickelodeon megahit Blues Clues) about her groundbreaking work in children’s interactive entertainment. She also takes us behind the scenes at yummico, and reveals what it takes to get a TV show produced – and discovered – in the new age of children’s programming.

Topics include:

  • The big changes in children’s consumption habits
  • Why children’s media companies are taking on shorter form content
  • Creating brand awareness through merchandising and content marketing
  • Teaching children healthy media routines

Traci Paige Johnson is the creator of Blues Clues, Nickelodeon’s acclaimed children’s franchise ($1billion merchandising business) known for its pioneering visual style and activity-based pedagogy. Traci also co-created PBS’ hit preschool reading show, Super Why! She oversees yummico’s creative vision and curriculum.

Learn more about Traci Paige Johnson:



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