Simon Taufique is an award-winning composer, film producer and founding partner of Atomic Features. His latest project Imperium (starring Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette) opened to rave reviews and fired up social media communities across the world. Today he talks about his journey from teenage entrepreneur and public service student to professional musician and filmmaker. He also reveals what’s really behind the Internet piracy curtain, and questions whether or not we’re actually living in the golden age of content.

Topics include:

  • What his friend M. Night Shyamalan taught him about filmmaking
  • Why it’s tougher to find film distribution than ever before
  • Calculating numbers (and overall success) in the streaming space
  • Why word of mouth is more powerful than you think
  • Navigating frantic online communities

As a teenager Simon Taufique started TRP, a BMX bike company that became a hit venture, running it out of his bedroom and reaching kids all over the globe. He later went on to launch, an award-winning tech startup. Throughout it all, Simon has always been creating music, in his bedroom at first, later in bands, and finally in the studio. Along the way, whispers of recognition have appeared in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, NME, Spin Magazine and IndieWire for his work with Julian Casablancas (frontman for THE STROKES) and accomplished filmmakers Mary Harron (AMERICAN PSYCHO), 2014 Berlin Film Festival-winner, Anja Marquardt,  Independent Spirit Award nominee Hossein Keshavarz (DOG SWEAT) and Student Academy Award winner Dennis Lee.

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