Gabriella Mirabelli is a Futurist who focuses on analyzing and forecasting Millennial and Generation Z/Digital Native media behaviors. She specializes in interpreting these behavioral patterns for executives at major media enterprises, along with providing practical steps they can take to adapt and thrive in the new environment.

She has a keen grasp of the challenges that lie ahead of the film and television industries surrounding such issues as piracy and the use of ad blockers among younger Millennials, the loss of viewership because of increased competition across all platforms, and why digital advertising isn’t producing the same results as traditional advertising.

She also has a unique data driven approach which she uses to provide tactical advice and guidance for executives based on analytics (provided by research and surveys). Her nuanced perspective makes her a leading authority on translating millennial behavioral trends for executives at major media enterprises.


Current Keynote Speaking Topics

On one hand, Gabriella makes her living as the CEO of of Anatomy Media, a branding and production agency that works with blue chip media and entertainment brands. On the other hand, she is the mother of two Millennial boys who feel that paying for any media content is absurd. As a result, she has developed a provocative and insightful point of view.

  1. The Not-So-Hidden Threat to The Media Landscape
  2. A Survivor’s Manual For Media Disruption
  3. The Next Wave of Media Disruption and What to Do About It


“My sense that they were sitting in their silos – and not looking outside their own industries inspired me to look across industries and speak to innovators and people changing the game.”



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