Marcelle Karp is the founder of Barb Magazine, a lifestyle site for women over forty. She produces the monthly stand up show, We Hope YOU Have Fun, which is hosted by her teenage daughter, author Ruby Karp. Marcelle also co-founded BUST in 1993, one of the flagship publications of third-wave feminism. Today, Marcelle shares her experiences in the publishing and television industries, from how the media has changed to the challenges women face in the workplace, even those as successful as herself.

Topics include:

  • Launching the feminist magazine BUST in the 1990s.
  • Marcelle shares her experiences of prejudice in the workplace.
  • What it’s like to start a publication in 1993 versus the present day.
  • Marcelle’s advice to younger generations looking to a grow a brand.
  • Ageism and how this reflects differently on genders.
  • Marcelle’s lifestyle site Barb Magazine, what it represents, and her vision for the future.

After leaving BUST to raise her daughter, Marcelle entered the corporate world while maintaining her creative soul. She published a book on knitting and continues to be a feminist force, occasionally performing, speaking on panels and conferences. The next We Hope YOU Have Fun show is February 12 at UCB East.

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