Today we’re speaking to award-winning filmmaker and Innovators Network Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Zuck about why (and how) everyone needs to reinvent their skillsets if they want to succeed in the near future. We also reveal what tomorrow’s workforce really looks like, talk about how Jonathan got involved with the Innovators Network Foundation, tackle income inequality and microfranchising, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • How artificial intelligence really affects unemployment
  • Why we need to think differently about what employment means
  • The role of microfranchising, freelancers, and the government
  • How to create an effective peer-to-peer economy
  • Making employment less of a status statement
  • Cultural challenges: is revolution and civil unrest inevitable?
  • How to determine if your career is going to last into the near future

Jonathan Zuck is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and digital artist, with studios in DC and Brussels. Jonathan’s work has appeared in local and national ad campaigns, festivals, exhibitions, and in homes and businesses around the world. Jonathan’s editorial work has appeared in multiple publications including the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, On Tap, and several websites. As the Executive Director of the Innovators Network Foundation (INF), Jonathan leads research into the future of work and facilitates pilot projects designed to expand the entrepreneur class around the world.

Learn more about Jonathan Zuck:

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