Today we’re talking to Jason Burke (clypd’s VP of Strategic Development) about how big players in the television industry can start harnessing digital sales methods. During the conversation, Jason also breaks down the best ways to forecast audiences, tells us everything we need to know about clypd and advertising technology, and explores how to use software to create stronger relationships and better transactions between buyers and sellers.

Topics include:

  • Using data to predict the future (and create an effective ad schedule)
  • Programmatic TV and programmatic advertising
  • New methods to approaching sales in the TV world
  • What demographics will really look like in the future
  • What makes clypd stand out from its competition
  • Important factors and forecasts that go into the launch of a new television show

Jason Burke is VP, Strategic Development for clypd, a Boston-based startup building and advertising technology platform exclusively for the TV industry and designed to empower media companies with actionable sales tools. In his role, Jason focuses on forward-looking platform strategy and corporate development activities. As one of the first employees at clypd, Jason spent over three years as VP, leading the product and operations teams in bringing innovative products to the $220B television advertising market. Prior to clypd, Jason spent six years building ad technology products for online video at ScanScout and Tremor Video where he was responsible for product management, technical strategy and operations efforts. Jason is based in Boston and has degrees in Computer Science and Engineering Psychology from Tufts University.

Learn more about Jason Burke:

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