Today we’re talking to writer, producer, and veteran actor Anjul Nigam about his influential career in the entertainment industry. During the conversation, Anjul shows us how to take control of our destinies, talks about what it takes to succeed as an independent creator, reveals how to work with investors who lack experience in the entertainment industry, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Learning to take control of your career and moving away from work for hire acting
  • Recognizing the major impact of receiving financing for a project
  • Finding ways to use the resources at your disposal and making it work, creatively
  • Navigating the unique challenge of discovery as an independent producer
  • Getting creative with a small marketing budget to capitalize on exposure
  • How to implement a formal social media strategy and determine the target audience

Anjul Nigam is the actor, producer, and writer of Growing Up Smith. He is a veteran actor with over 30 years of experience working in the entertainment industry. Anjul is also the founder of Brittany House Pictures where he is producing the feature film comedy Good Ol’ Boy, aka Growing Up Smith. In addition to his work as a producer, Anjul is an established actor who recurs on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and is known for his long-term assignment as a co-spokesperson for the cell phone provider MetroPCS, appearing as “Ranjit” in the company’s highly popular ad campaign Tech & Talk With Ranjit and Chad.

On television, Anjul has recurred on or guest-starred in more than 50 prime-time series including Grey’s Anatomy, Children’s Hospital, Ghost Whisperer, and Lie To Me, just to name a few. In theater, Anjul has appeared alongside fellow-NYU alumnus Philip Seymour Hoffman in the controversial production of The Merchant of Venice under the direction of Peter Sellars, which played at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and The Goodman Theatre in Chicago. Anjul has also appeared in the blockbuster movies Terminator: Salvation for Warner Brothers and Cloverfield for Paramount.

As a South Asian artist, Anjul is a respected pioneer for having broken barriers so that a career in the entertainment industry is deemed a viable profession for his community. He has been designated by Desi Club, a leading South Asian publication, as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential South Asians In the World,” and he has served as a keynote speaker and/or panelist at various engagements.

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