Hemanshu Nigam is the Founder and CEO of SSP Blue – an online security consultancy that helps everyone from entertainment giants to government agencies to private citizens deal with the biggest challenges in cyber safety. In today’s episode, we explore everything you need to know about keeping yourself (and your business) safe and secure. We also talk about ways to keep your devices hacker-free, and reveal how to avoid falling into cyber traps and attacks.

Topics include:

  • The best security practices for businesses
  • Upgrading to the latest operating systems
  • Cyber threats facing media companies in the entertainment industry (and how to prevent with them)
  • Why hackers are lazy and look for the easy ways in
  • How to educate Millennials about piracy
  • Organized crime and white hat, black hat, and grey hat hackers
  • Online vulnerabilities that affect customers (and how to deal with it)
  • Defining your weakest link
  • Why you should think like a community and act like an individual

Hemanshu Nigam is the CEO of SSP Blue and Co-Founder and CSO of Verie and founder of www.onlinesafety.tv, your daily dose of online safety, security, and privacy news. SSP Blue provides strategic business and legal services around safety, security, and privacy centered on products, policies, public affairs, and government relations. A veteran of online security, he brings over 20 years of experience in private industry, government, and law enforcement. He has been asked by the White House and the United Nations to provide guidance and counsel on navigating the world’s most critical online protection challenges.

Hemanshu has served as the Chief Security Officer of News Corporation’s digital properties, the CSO of MySpace, and as a security executive in Microsoft. He was also the vice president of worldwide Internet enforcement at the Motion Picture Association of America. He began his career as Los Angeles County prosecutor specializing in sex crimes and child abuse before serving as a federal prosecutor against online crimes against children and computer crimes in the US DOJ. He is also a frequent contributor to CNN, HLN, CBS, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Washington Post, New York Times, HLNTV.com, Variety Magazine, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, and abcnews.com.

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