In today’s episode, AMC Network’s Tom Ziangas explores how media players can harness trends and data to create better growth strategies. During the course of our conversation, we reveal how to use research to grab the viewer’s attention, uncover the biggest shifts in monitoring social activity, talk about the relevance of the big screen, and much more.

Topics include:

  • The real role of Nielsen ratings in research and alternative metrics
  • Making data actionable through human interaction
  • Driving people to programs using existing programs as proxy
  • The gravitation of media to the big screen
  • Best practices for researchers in the industry

Tom Ziangas’ efforts help AMC Networks strategize future growth; develop market and brand positioning; establish each network effectively in national and local marketplaces for ad sales and distribution; build powerful programming and scheduling strategies; and build Nielsen ratings. A research industry veteran, he joined AMC Networks in 2009 from Nielsen Media Research, where he held various posts during his 19-year tenure.

As SVP of Nielsen Expanded Media Services, he helped clients assess the value of their brands and sponsorships by tracking TV viewership, advertiser spending, consumer behavior and attitudes and consumer loyalty/product purchasing. As the SVP Sales & Marketing at NHI, he spearheaded a number of key initiatives. He mapped out the C3 initiative, incorporating their client feedback to implement a solution that would reflect the most accurate measurement for cable data.

Tom also worked with cable clients to include HD feeds for Nielsen reporting and provided clients with diagnostics and reports to better understand the HD and digital viewing environment. Prior to Nielsen Media Research, Tom worked at The Family Channel as a manager of sales development. He worked with agencies and their advertisers and was responsible for all ratings estimates for the network.

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