Today we’re speaking to Brian Ring (President at Ring Digital) about the real role social media plays in television and the new media landscape. During our conversation, Brian explores the dismal reality of Facebook’s television strategy, unveils the truth behind consumer viewing habits, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Is Twitter more important to TV than Facebook?
  • Live sports and DVR disruption within the TV industry
  • The inconvenience of apps; which is better?
  • Finding truth in TV consumer surveys
  • Why social media platforms are all weird in their own way

Brian Ring is President of Ring Digital, a digital services firm that specializes in product strategy, marketing, and sales for video and TV tech innovators. Brian has over 15 years of experience driving growth in the video technology market by using a mix of product development, content marketing, and business development skills. At Ericsson, Brian led the business case, product strategy and partnership development activities for the launch of the WatchPoint CMS, now the clear market leader in VOD content management for operators.

Brian has also hacked success as an innovator. In 2007 he helped DIRECTV build the first video-clip trivia games on Cisco’s DVR middleware. In 2010, CEO Hans Vestberg awarded Brian 1st prize in Ericsson’s innovation competition for an online EPG called, and in 2013 he showcased a cloud clipping and graphics platform for monetizing live clips on Twitter.

Learn more about Brian Ring:

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