With nearly four decades of experience training emerging and experienced business people, David Bishop has developed unique neuroscience-based methodologies that are proven to turn obstacles into opportunities. During our conversation, David reveals how organizations need to rely on cultural shifts and attitudes of change to remain flexible in a volatile environment. He also talks about how neuroscience is starting to become part of the fabric of human and organizational performance, and what that means for leaders today.

Topics include:

  • Drag factors that hold companies and individuals back from success
  • The purpose and mission of the Third Space Thinking Center
  • Why employee engagement studies are the best mirror for any organization
  • The Five Skills: adaptability, cultural competency, empathy, intellectual curiosity, 360° thinking

David Bishop is the President of David Bishop Media, which is an advisory firm that serves the media industry and providing executive leadership development. Previously, David served as the successful and visionary President for not one, but two multi-billion dollar leading global media companies, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and MGM Worldwide Home Entertainment. Working in the area of executive development, David has an amazing track record developing leaders in the entertainment space at companies like Netflix, Sony, Google, IMAX, and Amazon.

He also helped create and serves on the advisory board for the University of Southern California’s Third Space Thinking Center, which focuses on leadership development. He has also served as a board chair and board director of several high-potential startups and media industry groups where his strategic insight, analytical mindset, and knowledge of how to use technology as a game-changer have had a tremendous value. He is currently a director at Parrot Analytics and an advisory to 3PM Shield and has been inducted into Variety’s Home Entertainment Hall of Fame.

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