Murray Kohl currently oversees all sales initiatives and sales relationships for the New England Patriots, The New England Revolution, and Patriot Place. He created the blueprint for The PatriotPlayoff and Superbowl appearances and the Gillette Stadiums Grand Opening strategy, to name just two of the high profile initiatives he has masterminded. In todays show we gaiinsight into the sports marketing industry and discuss how new technologies are specifically affecting audience engagement. We also spend time discussing the current state — and future role — of social media platforms in sports media.

Topics include:

  • Football versus Soccer: Engaging different audiences
  • TV or Smartphones: How millennials are engaging in sports today
  • Is virtual reality technology really the next big thing?
  • Creating innovative partnerships with sponsors
  • The communal nature of the stadium experience

Murray Kohl is the Vice President of Sales for The Kraft Sports Group, having been promoted to his current position during the 2007 season. He has been called upon to advise Fortune 500 marketing executives on developing effective marketing and sales promotion platforms incorporating the Kraft family’s sports propertiesKohl graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics, and also holds a Master’s in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 

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