Today we’re talking to five-time bestselling author and trend curator Rohit Bhargava about the biggest trends in culture, media, and consumer behaviors. Rohit also shares insights from his latest book, Non-Obviousand reveals his five-step method to transforming leaders into intuitive predictors of the latest fashions in commerce and media. We also break down the best ways to capture new ideas, explore the insurgence of fierce femininity in entertainment, and much more.

Topics include:

  • The real definition of trend
  • What it means to be fickle with your ideas (and why it works)
  • The power of elegance and simplicity
  • Passive loyalty vs. active loyalty
  • Why cultural cues of an organization always come from the leadership

Rohit Bhargava has dedicated his career to helping brands and leaders become more influential and believable by embracing their humanity and personality. He is the author of five bestselling business books on wide ranging topics including business trends, and trust and believability. His books include Non-ObviousLikeonomics, and, Personality Not Included, which won the prestigious Gold Atticus Award.

Over the past 18 years, Rohit has advised hundreds of global brands as a former executive at two highly respected marketing agencies (Ogilvy and Leo Burnett) and has lived and worked in multiple countries, including Australia and the Philippines. Since leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, Rohit has founded multiple companies including the Influential Marketing Group – an independent marketing + strategy consultancy, Ideapress Publishing – an independent publisher of business books and most recently, The Non-Obvious Company – a unique network of experts dedicated to helping pioneering leaders evolve and transform their business to succeed in the future.

Rohit is a two-time TEDx speaker and the writer of the “Influential Marketing Blog”, which was named one of the top 25 marketing blogs in the world by AdAge Magazine.

Learn more about Rohit Bhargava:

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