As the Director of Digital Experiences at the American Museum of Natural History, Hélène Alonso takes complex ideas and concepts and translates them into engaging and interactive experiences. Today she tells us how she does it. She also talks about the importance of layering information, what you should ask yourself when working with emerging technologies, and how media players can make her award-winning ideas work in every industry.

Topics include:

  • How to create media that works for all ages, paces and cultures
  • Figuring out what is worth your audience’s attention (and how to capture it)
  • Embracing your ignorance and looking at things with fresh eyes
  • How to find the best ways of delivering information

Hélène Alonso is the Director of Digital Experiences at the American Museum of Natural History. She directs a multi-disciplinary team through the design and production of internationally awarded interactive experiences, focusing on the integration of digital information and the three-dimensional environment.

She has worked on several innovative projects involving physical computing, projection mapping and mobile development. Her team has won several awards for their mobile projects, including two Webby Awards, The Muse Award, and Apple Best App of the Year.

Learn more about Hélène Alonso:


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