In today’s episode, Xavier Kochhar (CEO of The Video Genome Project) talks about how his technology is changing the way the world accesses, organizes, and analyzes data. During our conversation, Xavier also explores the next big thing in personalization, why Hulu was the best platform to deploy these personalization products, and reveals why the best creations come from connecting disparate ideas and perspectives.

Topics include:

  • Why your users are the best resource
  • Watching the world’s intelligence evolve (and what that means for media)
  • Uncovering data across cultures
  • Why everyone views content differently (and what that means for personalization)

Xavier Kochhar is the CEO of The Video Genome Project, a company whose mission is deeply rooted in the belief that the world’s data should be accessible for all to use. The VGP is the largest, broadest, and most granular structured database of video content, film, TV, and online video in the industry.

Learn more about Xavier Kochhar:


itunes-icon Xavier Kochhar: The Video Genome Project’s CEO On Data, Access, and Personalization

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