Caitlin Burns has produced interactive experiences for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Sony, Disney and UNICEF. Now as the COO of Datavized, she designs data-driven storytelling that packs a real punch. Today Caitlin demonstrates why exploring virtual reality – and all media – within a cultural and human context will define the industry landscape over the next few years. She also reveals how traditional media players can use the transmedia approach to stay relevant and inspire audiences.

Topics Include…

  • Why Web VR is the next big thing
  • How to make complex tech cool (and accessible)
  • Building trust with your audiences
  • Why the future of tech isn’t where you think it is

Caitlin Burns has spent a decade working with narrative intellectual property franchises, independent artists, brands and philanthropic initiatives. Her past work includes: Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Fairies, Tron Legacy and Disney Descendants for The Walt Disney Company, James Cameron’s Avatar for Fox, Halo for Microsoft, The Happiness Factory for The Coca-Cola Company, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon and Transformers for Hasbro. She has also worked with Sony, Showtime, Pepperidge Farm, Scholastic, Tribeca New Media Fund, FEMSA, Diageo, Wieden+Kennedy, Odd Division, Tool of North America, Hush, Campfire, Reebok, and Stratasys.

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