Rakhal Ebeli is an award-winning journalist, keynote speaker, and one of Australia’s top content marketing experts. As the Founder and CEO of Newsmodo, he helps brands craft compelling and meaningful content by connecting them with experienced journalists from all over the world. Today Rakhal explores what it really takes to be a publisher of high-quality content in today’s media landscape. He also weighs in on the power of simplicity and nostalgia marketing, and explores how taking cues from journalism can up your marketing game. 

Topics include:

  • Brand journalism vs. branded content
  • Content discovery and thought leadership
  • How to craft a winning piece of content (and why transparency and quality are king)
  • Becoming a recognized expert in your niche

Rakhal Ebeli is an award-winning journalist and presenter as well as one of Australia’s most respected media experts. Since founding Newsmodo in 2012, Rakhal has led the industry as one of the driving forces of brand journalism. Leveraging his decade-long experience as a senior TV news reporter, Rakhal provide brands with the resources they need to create effective brand newsrooms.

He connects media outlets, brands and agencies to some of the industry’s most renowned names in journalism, delivering an end-to-end experience in ideation, content creation and amplification. Rakhal understands the value of high-quality storytelling and aims to deliver consistent, innovative content marketing solutions, whether in print, digital, long-form or short.

A media veteran, Rakhal is a sought after public presenter, moderator, and panelist at the world’s most prestigious media and content marketing events including Mumbrella’s CommsCon, Pause Fest and News:Rewired (UK).


Learn more about Rakhal Ebeli:


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