Jesse Grushack is the co-founder of Ujo Music – a music app that strives to simplify how musicians are paid while creating an even better experience for music fansIn today’s episode, Jesse schools us on the true power of blockchain technology, and reveals how he and his team are using it to rejuvenate the digital music industry. He also takes us behind the scenes at Ujo and breaks down the two biggest challenges inherent in digital music. He also talks about managing risk and benefits from emerging technologies.

Topics include:

  • Paving the way for a new digital industry
  • Access vs. ownership
  • Creating a mutually valuable user/artist experience
  • Exploring new ways to change old behaviors
  • How to create more value (and build more trust)

Jesse Grushack graduated from Union College with a dual degree in Computer Science and Economics. He found an equally strong passion for electronic music and crypto currencies leading to a managing editor position at when he was just a sophomore.

Jesse entered the music industry at ID&T North America where he spent two months as the managing director of marketing for TomorrowWorld (music festival). After graduating Union, Jesse went on to work for SFX Entertainment, managing cashless payment technology and access control at live events as well as conducting research into the future of these event identifications. Due to the decline in SFX, Jesse left in December 2014 determined to find another company that promised to make a difference in the world. In the beginning of 2015, Jesse found ConsenSys and immediately got involved in the unnamed music project. Fast-forward 15 months, Ujo Music is poised to help the music industry make more art.


Learn more about Jesse Grushack:


itunes-icon Jesse Grushack: Reviving A Crippled Music Industry With The Blockchain

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