In today’s episode, Caitlin Long (Chairman and President of Symbiontdeciphers everything you need to know about blockchain and bitcoin. During our conversation, Caitlin reveals how everyone from healthcare providers to manufacturers to media players can use this game-changing technology to boost their businesses in a big way. She also weighs in on the platform’s political overtones, and reveals how content creators can use it to stop piracy.

Topics include:

  • The real deal on regulation
  • How bitcoin payment really works
  • Maintaining privacy and preventing hijackers
  • Why bitcoin soars in developing countries and emerging markets

Caitlin Long is Chairman and President of Symbiont, the market-leading smart contracts platform for institutional uses of distributed ledger technology. Caitlin previously spent 22 years on Wall Street in senior roles, working for Morgan Stanley Credit Suisse and Salomon Brothers. During her career she started and ran three new businesses, was a top-ranked equity research analyst for the life insurance sector, and worked directly for the co-CEOs on a business restructuring in Zurich.

Caitlin has been active in bitcoin since 2012 and blockchains since 2014, and she served on Morgan Stanley’s internal blockchain working group. MarketsMedia awarded Caitlin its 2016 Women in Finance Award for Excellence in Blockchain, and Institutional Investor named Caitlin to its list of the most influential people in pensions during her final 3 years on Wall Street. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government, and the University of Wyoming.


Learn more about Caitlin Long:


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