Today we’re talking to transmedia pioneer David Varela about one of his biggest and coolest success stories – his groundbreaking work with the hit show Sherlock. During our conversation, David also takes us behind the scenes at his other multimedia projects, and reveals how anyone can leverage this incredible art form to create emotionally powerful experiences for audiences.

Topics include:

  • Myths and misconceptions surrounding transmedia
  • Harnessing the strengths of every platform
  • How to measure success in transmedia
  • The interesting parallels between multimedia projects and real life

Having started as a writer in traditional media – radio, theatre, film, advertising – David Varela has increasingly specialized in transmedia projects, both as a writer and producer. He’s a specialist in telling stories that embrace old media and new media. He was the writer and narrative designer of an interactive adventure for the TV show Sherlock, working with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue to bring their characters to iOS. He has also been heavily involved in three of the world’s biggest Alternate Reality Games (ARGs): Perplex CityXi, and Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life.

David also speaks about transmedia storytelling at events such as The Media Festival, Power to the Pixel, Develop, StoryWorld and the Immersive Writing Lab. He speaks regularly in the UK, US, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore, and lectures at a number of universities and film schools.


Learn more about David Varela:


itunes-icon David Varela: The Power of Transmedia Storytelling

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