Ken Doctor created Newsonomics as a way to help industry players understand and predict the future of media. In today’s episode, we explore strategies for dealing with media disruption. Ken weighs in on everything from content and convergence to Facebook’s fake news epidemic and the intimidation tactics of “big data.”

Topics include:

  • Why “small data” is empowering for every industry
  • What’s important vs. what’s popular
  • Why Facebook and Google are the new mass media (and why they should take responsibility for it)
  • Net neutrality
  • How to make traditional television as easy as digital

Ken Doctor’s work centers on the transformation of consumer media in the digital age, from the New York Times and Netflix to Comcast and Condé Nast. He draws connections among the news, information and entertainment we all get and the fast-changing business of media.

As a speaker and consultant, he has worked on six continents, advising on new sustainable business models of contemporary journalism. Among the many topics covered – and tailored – are major trends driving business change, All-Access and digital circulation models, newer revenue streams including marketing services and branded content, and smart use of emerging technologies. Increasingly, he focuses on the central importance of analytics and use of “Little Data” in driving media companies forward. Ken is also the author of Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get.

Learn more about Ken Doctor:


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