Colonel J. Carlos Vega is the Chief of Staff and Director of Outreach for the Army Cyber Institute at West Point – the influential organization that works on cyber security and cyber defense research. In today’s episode, we explore the parallels between the armed forces and the entertainment industry. During our conversation, Colonel Vega also reveals the secrets to building the perfect team, talks about the real ways to measure success, and shows us how anyone can use army leadership principles to adapt to disruptive and high-stakes environments.

Topics include:

  • Why every organization should identify their champion
  • The importance of having a clear objective or “commander’s intent”
  • Shaping the environment to prepare for the future
  • Why things spread on social media
  • The strength of weak ties concept (and what it means for networking)

Colonel J. Carlos Vega is a Senior Army Aviator and the Chief of Staff for the Army Cyber Institute. He teaches in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. A 1993 graduate of California State Polytechnic University, Colonel Vega spent the early part of his career as an aviation officer. His initial assignments, based in Fort Campbell Kentucky, included a support and flight platoon leader, flight operations officer, and aviation planner. As a captain, he served as a logistics and budget officer at Fort Rucker, Alabama where he commanded a company of instructor pilots and trained aviators from Latin America in their native Spanish language.

As a Major, he served as the chief information officer (logistics automation) for U.S. Army Forces in South Korea. While in South Korea he integrated information systems to support operations on the peninsula. As a Lieutenant Colonel, he served as the chief of cyber operations for the XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg. The duties and responsibilities included chief of information assurance, network defense, network engineering and services, as well as the integration officer. In this capacity, he was the chief communications planner for the pre-deployment site survey team for the Corps final mission in Iraq 2010.

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