Mark Lee and Yaekyum Lee are the growth team at SendBird – a groundbreaking startup that provides chat and messaging API for mobile apps and web services. Today they reveal how their technology is revolutionizing messaging services, and how everyone from sports giants to gaming systems to entertainment companies can use it to have meaningful, real-time conversations with audiences. In doing so, they reveal what communication will look like over the next few years.

Topics include:

  • Whether or not messaging is the future of social media
  • The real impact of engagement (and what it means for retention)
  • Improving the quality of conversation
  • Moderating trolling and anti-social behaviors

As Head of Growth for SendBird, Mark Lee oversees acquisition of mid-market and enterprise customers, developing global scale partnerships, and building a corporate strategy for SendBird’s global expansion. Mark recently participated in the Slush 100 Pitching Competition, where SendBird was one of the final four companies. 

Before joining the growth team at SendBird, Yaekyum Lee was an analyst at such companies as GMO and Rothschild. He was also Content & Growth Manager at MangoPlate, a Korean restaurant recommendation app somewhat similar to Yelp that raised over 6 million in funding last year. 

Learn more about Mark Lee:

Learn more about Yaekyum Lee:


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