Today we’re talking to Jonathan Hurd (Director at Altman Vilandrie) about his eye-opening research into consumer consumption habits and paid television services. During the course of our conversation, Jonathan reveals how cable networks can use data to raise consumer awareness, create superior program packages, and build stronger relationships (and loyalty) with subscribers. 

Topics include:

  • The real relevance of network brands
  • What consumer behavior really looks like in the sharing economy
  • The new challenges of creating paid services
  • Why subscriber awareness is a big issue (and how to fix it)

Jonathan Hurd has more than twenty years of consulting and industry experience in communications services and equipment, publishing, software, and consumer electronics. Jonathan’s areas of expertise include corporate strategy, product innovation, marketing management, customer segmentation, pricing strategy, and new business planning and development. His recent projects include a wide range of engagements spanning topics such as product bundle optimization, sales compensation strategy, online advertising optimization, connected TV strategy, “over-the-top” video platforms, acquisition analysis, distribution strategy, new product development and implementation, and corporate investment opportunity identification and prioritization.

He is frequently quoted in publications such as Light Reading and Fierce Markets, and often speaks at industry conferences such as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Digital Hollywood, NAB, Streaming Media, and TelcoTV. Jonathan has authored and published articles on topics including customer and channel segmentation, online content strategy, the future of video services, and partnership strategy.

Learn more about Jonathan Hurd:


itunes-icon Jonathan Hurd: What Cable Networks Need To Learn About Consumer Behavior

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