As a global media investor and advisor, Bruce Tuchman has helped transform US media brands AMC, MGM, MTV and Nickelodeon into international powerhouses. Today we explore the economic models that could help traditional media players keep up with their digital competitors. Bruce also reveals why the global audience is more important than ever before, talks about the future of content and engagement, and explains why we can never substitute data for the creative instinct.

Topics include:

  • Why (and how) entertainment companies should go global
  • How niche markets can keep up, create content and get discovered
  • The parallels between the magazine business and digital media
  • Improving the ways we measure data
  • Why piracy is here to stay (and what we can learn from its data)

Bruce Tuchman has a wide range of experience developing and managing global media, entertainment, and brand-driven businesses. Currently, Bruce is utilizing that experience as a media investor, advisor, and entrepreneur, exploring the new distribution and business models that will set the pace for the industry in the future. When he’s not focused on the global media business, Bruce dedicates his time to institutions and organizations that are doing exceptional work. Bruce is Chairman of the Americas Fund for the London School of Economics, and Chairman of the National Council of the University of Michigan Musical Society, one of the nation’s oldest arts performance organizations and a winner of the National Medal of Arts awarded by President Obama. He is also a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors at the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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