For more than 20 years digital producer, game designer, and tech entrepreneur Blaine Graboyes has built his award-winning career by being first. From betting on DVD technology during the tail of the VHS era to his most recent bid to bring video games into casinos, the secret to Blaine’s success has always been his uncanny ability to leverage the power of untapped markets. During today’s interview, this master of digital innovation gives us his thoughts on what traditional media players can do to stay in in the game.

Topics include:

  • Overlooked problems facing the world of media
  • Why virtual reality isn’t what you think it is
  • Taking down gaming stereotypes
  • The real way to effectively measure trends
  • eSports and video game gambling

Blaine Graboyes’s expertise spans the business, creative, and technical aspects of launching and successfully operating video games, websites, social and mobile apps, entertainment properties, and fan communities. He has produced over 4,000 digital projects for world-renowned entertainment, business and fine art clients, including DreamWorks, Mattel, Spin Master, Sony Pictures, Disney, Nickelodeon, LeapFrog, DIRECTV, Warner Bros., The Guggenheim Museum, Nam June Paik and Yoko Ono. Blaine is currently the CEO of GameCo, Inc.

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itunes-icon Blaine Graboyes: Why TV Executives Should Study the Gaming Industry

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