Michael Zimbalist is the Chief Marketing Officer of Simulmedia – a marketing technology company that brings together the reach of linear television with the targeting and performance of digital media. Today we explore how marketers can still use audience-targeted TV to convert customers and grow their brands. Michael also reveals why the convergence of digital distribution and traditional media isn’t happening as fast as you might think.

Topics include:

  • The most powerful market segmentation method
  • Why brands need a defined purpose to resonate with digital natives
  • Digital spending vs. television spending
  • Why the switch to digital will make everything even more fragmented
  • Why networks need to minimize excess frequency

Michael Zimbalist leads Simulmedia’s efforts to transform television advertising into a people-centric model. Prior to Simulmedia, he spent 10 years at the New York Times Company, where he was most recently Senior Vice President of Advertising Products and Research & Development. In that role, he oversaw advertising products, systems, operations and programmatic, in addition to managing the company’s R&D Group, a division which he founded upon joining the company in 2006. In his earlier career, Michael was a Disney Imagineer and President of the Online Publishers Association, serving in a variety of roles at the intersection of advertising, marketing, and technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University.

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