Evo Heyning is a producer, programmer, artist and consultant. She is also a strategist with a major focus on collective intelligence, specifically in regard to flipping old models and systems that no longer work. Today we discuss how media players can leverage our human need for playfulness to encourage discovery, improve collaboration, and create higher levels of engagement.

Topics include:

  • Old code new code
  • Why traditional media traps itself within old models
  • Why playfulness has structure (and how to bring it into the workplace)
  • How organizations can bring authentic playfulness to consumers
  • Empowering virtual work while also improving collaboration

Evo Heyning has been guiding startups, NGOs, media networks, government offices and institutions since 1997. She’s a five-time tech entrepreneur spanning AI, learning, interactive arts, wearable tech, block chain and system integration. She’s an award-winning VR mission cryptographer, and has produced content for books, games, television, film, radio and the web. Evo specializes in using technology to create solutions for dynamic play, and is passionate about creating personalized learning apps and tools for knowledge sharing across all types of media.

Learn more about Evo Heyning:


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