As Global Director of mPowering, Lesley-Anne Long is pioneering the use of mobile technology to help frontline healthcare workers gain the tools, confidence and access they need to save lives. In today’s episode, she explores how organizations can harness the power of mobilization, new media and disruption to make a global difference.

Topics include:

  • Large-scale fundraising and communication tactics
  • Embracing new technological opportunities
  • How governments can (and should) streamline change
  • Creating (and curating) better quality content

Lesley-Anne Long is an experienced international development specialist at CEO/Director level, with expertise in the fields of global health, mHealth, and eLearning. She provides strategic leadership to mPowering and coordinates across mHealth, maternal and child health advisors, program implementers, government officials, private sector, NGOs and others focusing on sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. As a former family law barrister, and Dean of a Faculty of Health & Social Care, Lesley-Anne has a strong track record of academic publications in law, global health and child rights.

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