Creative strategist and sound engineer Thiago Rangel Pinto believes that music has the advantage over every other art form and not for the reasons you think. On this episode we go deep into the bizarre relationship between music and Millennials, talk about how platforms like Spotify and Netflix can adapt in an era of continual change, and dive into why social media is the new reality for musical artists.

Topics Include:

  • How (and why) artists fight for time, money and attention in every industry
  • Creating a dynamic user experience
  • Passive consumption vs. active consumption
  • The biggest shifts in how people use and consume music

Thiago Rangel Pinto is Head of Strategy and Research at Loop Reclame. He is an audio engineer who is passionate about the crossroads of media, technology and behavior. He dedicates his career to understanding the past and present of the media and entertainment industries in hope of building a brighter future for music and its artists, fans and companies.

Learn more about Thiago Rangel Pinto:


itunes-icon Thiago Rangel Pinto: The Next Phase of the Digital Music Revolution

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