As evidenced by his early adoption of what is now called the digital economy, Jerry Michalski has proven his usual insight into the interplay between human beings and technology time and again. Recently he has dedicated himself to using his uncanny ability to help organizations work together to build a future economy based on relationships and trust. Today he talks about his mission to put humanity back into consumerism, and explores the techno-social revolution that’s happening all over the world. Jerry also talks about the dangers of replacing community with entertainment, and reveals how media companies can recover the trust of their audiences.

Topics Include:

  • The relationship economy (and how it affects big business)
  • Why we’re living in the stalker’s landscape
  • How we’re being entertained to death
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its role in civil unrest

Jerry Michalski is the founder of REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition, a private, collaborative inquiry into the next economy. More broadly, he is a pattern finder, lateral thinker, Gladwellian connector, facilitator and explorer of the interactions between technology, society and business. From 1987 to 1998, Jerry was a technology analyst, first at New Science Associates, then as Managing Editor of Esther Dyson’s monthly tech newsletter Release 1.0, as well as co-host of her annual conference, PC Forum. He was fortunate to be on duty when the Internet showed up.

Jerry works with companies such as Best Buy and Havas Media as well as non-profits such as EDF and the Institute for the Future. He’s been widely quoted in the major media and greatly enjoys public speaking. He also acts as a technology advisor to startups, ranging from Twine and CoTweet (acquired by ExactTarget) to EvernoteTheBrainSocialtext and Seedwiki. During the dot-boom days, Jerry was an advisor to eGroups (now YahooGroups) and Pyra (now Blogger, part of Google).

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