Andrew Hoepfner is the creative mastermind behind Houseworld, one of New York’s most critically acclaimed immersive theater experiences. In today’s episode, he describes what it’s like to float between art forms, and reveals how interactive dream worlds rekindle our human need to play. Andrew also discusses the challenges of working with truly new media, and explains why everyone thrives when given the chance to freely do what we do best.

Topics include:

  • How immersive theater will influence traditional media
  • The art of losing control
  • Where immersive entertainment is heading next

Andrew Hoepfner is an immersive media producer, playwright, and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He has collaborated on previous works with Young Jean Lee, Cesar Alvarez, and David Byrne.

Learn more about Andrew Hoepfner:


itunes-icon Andrew Hoepfner: The Art of Creating a New Art Form

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