Today we’re talking to Darcy Antonellis (the award-winning CEO of VUBIQUITY) about the future of video, and explore how it will play a pivotal role in both communication and entertainment. During the course of our conversation, Darcy takes us behind the scenes at VUBIQUITY, talks about emerging trends in voice technology, and examines the push and pull between resolution and bandwidth.

Topics include:

  • The driving factors behind Darcy’s move to VUBIQUITY
  • Darcy’s engineering background and how it helps her in her current role
  • The relationships between tech, critical mass, and popular culture
  • Tension between video burden and platform strength
  • Darcy’s experience combatting piracy
  • The new era of voice technology (and what this might enable in the future)

Darcy Antonellis is a seasoned, award-winning leader recognized for her innovations and impact in the media and entertainment technology space. As CEO of VUBIQUITY, the leading global provider of premium content services and technical solutions, Darcy works with content creators and distribution services to provide solutions that make content easily accessible to consumers on any platform including digital, OTT and on-demand. Since assuming her role as VUBIQUITY’s CEO in January 2014, Darcy has overseen several acquisitions that have impacted the industry and secured VUBIQUITY’s value and leading position as the only true end-to-end content service provider. Other strategic initiatives by Darcy include facilitating key corporate partnerships as well as the launch of the company’s AnyVU Cloud platform.

Prior to joining VUBIQUITY, Darcy served as President and Chief Technology Officer at Warner Bros. She held a number of management roles at CBS network operations in New York and Washington, D.C. news bureaus where she worked on projects in Saudi Arabia and in Kuwait during the Gulf War. She is a Class II Director on the Board of Cinemark. As a multinational patents holder, Darcy also serves on the advisory boards of Temple University’s College of Engineering and the Global Advisory Council for the professional Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

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As the Founder and CEO of PassionFlix, Tosca Musk transforms romance novels into powerful, female driven films. In today’s episode, Tosca talks about her collaborative and empowering filmmaking process and reveals everything we need to know about PassionFlix. Tosca also shows us how to translate a book into a successful movie, reveals what it really takes to build a sustainable business in tandem with a healthy family life, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • The biggest changes happening in film
  • What led Tosca to embark on this unique genre
  • What it’s really like being a female director
  • The process of identifying and interpreting a book into a movie
  • What the authors’ roles really look like in the filmmaking process
  • How long it takes for a book to be turned into a movie
  • Finding directors and actors for PassionFlix films
  • Why the female characters of PassionFlix are never weak

Tosca Musk is a multi-award winning filmmaker known for her directing, producing, writing, and executive producing of feature films and leading-edge content. In 2017, Tosca co-founded ​Passionflix​, the premium streaming entertainment platform that produces and distributes empowering, fun and passionate movies for audiences of all ages.

Recently featured in ​WWD and ​TechCrunch​, Tosca launched her career at Alliance-Atlantis, Canada’s largest producer and distributor of feature films, becoming the Director of Development at Sela Ward’s Magnolia Films. She then moved into production, as Los Angeles Segment Producer for ​TV Times​, and subsequently stepped into her debut directing role with the feature film ​Puzzled​. This marked the beginning of over 20 feature films, television movies, and web content.

Her television movie, ​Holiday Engagement​, provided Hallmark Channel with it’s highest-rated Sunday night movie in the network’s history, and her family feature, ​Simple Things​, garnered nine awards, including three “Best Picture” Awards, and “Audience” Award. Tosca’s web series, ​Tiki Bar TV​, was used by Steve Jobs to promote the iPod with Video in his 2005 Keynote speech and held the ranking of #1 downloaded video on iTunes for over 3 months. It is still considered to be a pioneer of web series.

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Today we’re speaking to Friends With Holograms founder Cortney Harding about the past, present, and future of virtual reality. During the conversation, we take a look at the shifts happening in technological consumption today and debate whether or not VR technology can create a more “human” approach to the way we retain information. Cortney also shares the work she does at Friends With Holograms, and reveals why companies should consider her agency’s exciting shift in education and creative strategy.

Topics include:

  • The shift from active consumption to passive consumption
  • How VR breaks media distraction through full immersion
  • Multiple screen use and consumption habits today
  • The real reasons 3D televisions and glasses didn’t quite catch on
  • How to self-direct your own virtual reality experience
  • Can VR bridge social gaps and cultivate empathy?
  • The most significant advancements happening in VR
  • Common misconceptions between augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Self-care and high-productivity hacks

Cortney Harding is a professor, author, and the founder of Friends With Holograms, an agency that helps brands, advertisers, and entertainment companies understand VR and other emerging technologies. Cortney teaches a series of seminars that explain best practices for using VR, creating content, and staying up-to-date on the latest technical developments in the space. She also offers consulting for brands and agencies who want to make the leap into VR, using her deep network of connections to put them together with the best partners to make their visions a reality.

Prior to launching Friends With Holograms, Cortney worked on partnerships for Moth+Flame VR, which has produced content for brands like AT&T, Ram Trucks, and Discovery Communications. She spent several years consulting for music-tech companies and before that, served as the music editor at Billboard Magazine. Cortney has released two books and is a professor at the Clive Davis School of Music at NYU. She has been a frequent speaker at conferences like SXSW, Further Future, VRDC, VRLA, and Creative Tech Week. She is also the co-founder of Dreamfuel, a crowdfunding startup that helps athletes and teams raise money for their training and equipment needs while engaging with a wider community of fans and supporters.

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As a social innovation strategist and Founder of the Creative Impact and Experience Lab, Lina Srivastava has played a pivotal role in the engagement campaigns for some of the world’s most celebrated and award-winning documentaries. In today’s episode, Lina breaks down what transformational change and community centered design really mean, explores activism in today’s Millennial culture, takes us behind the scenes at CIEL’s most transformative projects, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • How to catalyze transformational change in your own community
  • Why Lina describes leadership as a process
  • Is the Millennial phenomenon restricted to first world youth?
  • Real activism vs. hashtag activism
  • Rejection of the past and the perpetual challenge of Millennials
  • The importance of community centered design thinking and navigating certain cultures
  • Lina’s thoughts on poverty porn and who gets to tell the story

Lina Srivastava is a social innovation strategist with over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of social action, community-centered design, and interactive storytelling. The founder of CIEL, Lina is the co-creator of the My City project, and the lead on the Transformational Change Leadership storytelling project, and has been involved in engagement campaigns for several documentaries, including Oscar-winning Born into Brothels, Emmy-nominated The Devil Came on Horseback, Oscar-winning Inocente, Sundance-award winning Who Is Dayani Cristal?, and climate change film How To Let Go of the World and Let Go of All Those Things Climate Can’t Change.

The former Executive Director of Kids with Cameras, and the Association of Video and Filmmakers, Lina has taught design and social entrepreneurship at Parsons, The New School of Design, and is on faculty in the Masters of Fine Arts Program in Design and Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts, where she teaches media, engagement, activism, and innovation. Lina has been an advisor to Global Grassroots, Donor Direct Action, Studio Rev, Lakou Mizik, Tech4Good and Circle of 6 App, Electric South, and Colibri Center for Human Rights, and has provided strategic project design to a group of social impact organizations, including UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Bank, AARP, the U.S. State Department, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

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Marcelle Karp is the founder of Barb Magazine, a lifestyle site for women over forty. She produces the monthly stand up show, We Hope YOU Have Fun, which is hosted by her teenage daughter, author Ruby Karp. Marcelle also co-founded BUST in 1993, one of the flagship publications of third-wave feminism. Today, Marcelle shares her experiences in the publishing and television industries, from how the media has changed to the challenges women face in the workplace, even those as successful as herself.

Topics include:

  • Launching the feminist magazine BUST in the 1990s.
  • Marcelle shares her experiences of prejudice in the workplace.
  • What it’s like to start a publication in 1993 versus the present day.
  • Marcelle’s advice to younger generations looking to a grow a brand.
  • Ageism and how this reflects differently on genders.
  • Marcelle’s lifestyle site Barb Magazine, what it represents, and her vision for the future.

After leaving BUST to raise her daughter, Marcelle entered the corporate world while maintaining her creative soul. She published a book on knitting and continues to be a feminist force, occasionally performing, speaking on panels and conferences. The next We Hope YOU Have Fun show is February 12 at UCB East.

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As the Founder and CEO of Loud-Hailer, Jack Chen helps everyone from small businesses to global enterprises connect with the right audiences. Today he shows us how he does it. Jack also sheds some light on today’s biggest trends in technology, takes us behind the scenes at Loud-Hailer, and explores the true impact of the end of Net Neutrality.

Topics include:

  • Defining horizontal connectivity and removing the intermediaries
  • How cities can use Loud-Hailer’s technology to promote local commerce
  • The epiphany that led to idea for Loud-Hailer
  • How to scale a mesh network using Buki-Boxes
  • Specific use cases for the Loud-Hailer app
  • The real difference between beacon technology and Bluetooth Low Energy

Jack Chen is the Founder and CEO of Loud-Hailer, a digital communications company connecting users and devices directly using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), creating a mesh network that gives users Internet-like functionalities while saving the enterprise the heavy expense of installing facility-wide WiFi. As the CEO of Loud-Hailer, Jack works closely with every member of the team in all aspects of hardware and software design and development.

Jack started his professional career as a corporate lawyer at Willkie Farr, then went to Sullivan & Cromwell before moving to the business side, where he worked as a Senior Credit Officer, analyzing credit derivatives for Moody’s Investors Service. For the past few years as a management consultant, Jack has earned a reputation as a go-to resource for journalists covering the credit markets. He has appeared on the CBS Evening News and been quoted or cited in a number of newspapers and trade journals, including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg News, and Market Watch.

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In today’s episode, award-winning political and advocacy advertising consultant Joe Fuld reveals how (and why) big brands are using advocacy campaigns in their marketing. He also breaks down the best tactics and strategies for increasing engagement in social issues, shows us what commercial enterprises can learn from political campaigns, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • The most important thing PR professionals need to know about the state of advocacy today
  • How marketing campaigns are similar to advocacy for social and political issues
  • Tactics and strategies for finding a unique, authentic thread in advocacy
  • How to open the engagement funnel for potential advocates
  • Approaching the social challenges of gaining awareness and organic reach
  • How Millennials are engaging and participating in advocacy campaigns
  • Why digital campaign tactics can be much more scalable than traditional tactics
  • The differences between an advocacy and an accountability campaign

Joe Fuld is the founder of The Campaign Workshop, a Democratic political consulting firm based in Washington DC. Joe is known for his creativity and commitment to the causes and campaigns that he works on. He has produced award-winning direct mail, digital and creative strategies for a long list of clients, including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, Defenders of Wildlife, LIUNA, DC VOTE, The Pretrial Justice Institute, AFSCME, NRDC, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, as well as many other groups, candidates, and ballot measures.

Prior to becoming a Democratic political consultant, Joe served as the Northeast Political Director at the Democratic National Committee and managed 10 Democratic political campaigns throughout the country. Joe is a seasoned political trainer and facilitator. He has been the lead trainer for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute’s Candidate and Campaign Training School for over fifteen years. He also conducts trainings for many other groups and organizations. Joe currently serves on the board of the CAIR Coalition and The International Dyslexia Association.

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Today we’re speaking to award-winning filmmaker and Innovators Network Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Zuck about why (and how) everyone needs to reinvent their skillsets if they want to succeed in the near future. We also reveal what tomorrow’s workforce really looks like, talk about how Jonathan got involved with the Innovators Network Foundation, tackle income inequality and microfranchising, and so much more.

Topics include:

  • How artificial intelligence really affects unemployment
  • Why we need to think differently about what employment means
  • The role of microfranchising, freelancers, and the government
  • How to create an effective peer-to-peer economy
  • Making employment less of a status statement
  • Cultural challenges: is revolution and civil unrest inevitable?
  • How to determine if your career is going to last into the near future

Jonathan Zuck is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and digital artist, with studios in DC and Brussels. Jonathan’s work has appeared in local and national ad campaigns, festivals, exhibitions, and in homes and businesses around the world. Jonathan’s editorial work has appeared in multiple publications including the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, On Tap, and several websites. As the Executive Director of the Innovators Network Foundation (INF), Jonathan leads research into the future of work and facilitates pilot projects designed to expand the entrepreneur class around the world.

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As Founder and CEO of Socialtyze, John Bohan helps brands create original content and social media strategies in cool, new ways. In today’s episode, John reveals everything we need to know about Socialtyze, and explores the future of digital marketing. He also tells us how to harness the power of influencers, shows us how to activate networks of fans through brand campaigns, and breaks down the most important types of customer engagement.

Topics include:

  • The evolution of media marketing (and where it may be heading)
  • The real role of influencers in today’s social spheres for brands
  • Social media as mimicry of everyday life (and why it’s important)
  • How Socialtyze manages projects for brands through their database
  • Content, following, and brand relevance of prospective influencers
  • John’s predictions for the future of online platforms (and the people who use them)

John Bohan is currently the CEO of Socialtyze – an online marketing company that specializes in managing brand campaigns across media platforms and working with influencers. He has worked with a number of marketing companies and has over 20 years of experience in the field. Socialtyze is the latest incarnation and manifestation of his calling — disruption of traditional marketing strategies. John regularly publishes and posts videos discussing contemporary trends and future ideas in his field. His articles have appeared in Forbes, among others publications. He has also spent time working for the Weather Channel, and in communications and advertising. With Socialtyze, John specializes in influencer culture and content creation.

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Today we’re talking to Jason Burke (clypd’s VP of Strategic Development) about how big players in the television industry can start harnessing digital sales methods. During the conversation, Jason also breaks down the best ways to forecast audiences, tells us everything we need to know about clypd and advertising technology, and explores how to use software to create stronger relationships and better transactions between buyers and sellers.

Topics include:

  • Using data to predict the future (and create an effective ad schedule)
  • Programmatic TV and programmatic advertising
  • New methods to approaching sales in the TV world
  • What demographics will really look like in the future
  • What makes clypd stand out from its competition
  • Important factors and forecasts that go into the launch of a new television show

Jason Burke is VP, Strategic Development for clypd, a Boston-based startup building and advertising technology platform exclusively for the TV industry and designed to empower media companies with actionable sales tools. In his role, Jason focuses on forward-looking platform strategy and corporate development activities. As one of the first employees at clypd, Jason spent over three years as VP, leading the product and operations teams in bringing innovative products to the $220B television advertising market. Prior to clypd, Jason spent six years building ad technology products for online video at ScanScout and Tremor Video where he was responsible for product management, technical strategy and operations efforts. Jason is based in Boston and has degrees in Computer Science and Engineering Psychology from Tufts University.

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