With nearly four decades of experience training emerging and experienced business people, David Bishop has developed unique neuroscience-based methodologies that are proven to turn obstacles into opportunities. During our conversation, David reveals how organizations need to rely on cultural shifts and attitudes of change to remain flexible in a volatile environment. He also talks about how neuroscience is starting to become part of the fabric of human and organizational performance, and what that means for leaders today.

Topics include:

  • Drag factors that hold companies and individuals back from success
  • The purpose and mission of the Third Space Thinking Center
  • Why employee engagement studies are the best mirror for any organization
  • The Five Skills: adaptability, cultural competency, empathy, intellectual curiosity, 360° thinking

David Bishop is the President of David Bishop Media, which is an advisory firm that serves the media industry and providing executive leadership development. Previously, David served as the successful and visionary President for not one, but two multi-billion dollar leading global media companies, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and MGM Worldwide Home Entertainment. Working in the area of executive development, David has an amazing track record developing leaders in the entertainment space at companies like Netflix, Sony, Google, IMAX, and Amazon.

He also helped create and serves on the advisory board for the University of Southern California’s Third Space Thinking Center, which focuses on leadership development. He has also served as a board chair and board director of several high-potential startups and media industry groups where his strategic insight, analytical mindset, and knowledge of how to use technology as a game-changer have had a tremendous value. He is currently a director at Parrot Analytics and an advisory to 3PM Shield and has been inducted into Variety’s Home Entertainment Hall of Fame.

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Murray Kohl currently oversees all sales initiatives and sales relationships for the New England Patriots, The New England Revolution, and Patriot Place. He created the blueprint for The PatriotPlayoff and Superbowl appearances and the Gillette Stadiums Grand Opening strategy, to name just two of the high profile initiatives he has masterminded. In todays show we gaiinsight into the sports marketing industry and discuss how new technologies are specifically affecting audience engagement. We also spend time discussing the current state — and future role — of social media platforms in sports media.

Topics include:

  • Football versus Soccer: Engaging different audiences
  • TV or Smartphones: How millennials are engaging in sports today
  • Is virtual reality technology really the next big thing?
  • Creating innovative partnerships with sponsors
  • The communal nature of the stadium experience

Murray Kohl is the Vice President of Sales for The Kraft Sports Group, having been promoted to his current position during the 2007 season. He has been called upon to advise Fortune 500 marketing executives on developing effective marketing and sales promotion platforms incorporating the Kraft family’s sports propertiesKohl graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics, and also holds a Master’s in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 

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In today’s episode, Michael Scott (the former Chief Revenue Officer of Tru Optik) discusses how measuring audience trends at the census level will help advertisers and media companies create more relevant, engaging, and enjoyable content. He also unveils some surprising consumption and piracy stats, and shares his thoughts on digital walled gardens.

Topics include:

  • What measuring consumption habits at a granular level really looks like
  • The frequency cap (and why it’s important)
  • Gearing programming toward your audience’s personal tastes
  • Data security

Michael Scott is currently the Head of Sales, East for Samsung Electronics America. He has significant senior-level relationships at global marketers in the Americas, Europe and APAC, including PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, Wrigley, Gillette, Unilever, P&G, Johnson&Johnson, Verizon, Nestle, McDonald’s, Clorox, Apple, Callaway Golf, SC Johnson, Avon, GSK, ExxonMobil, BP and partner ad agencies. His specialty is driving change in both large corporate environments and emerging and start-up cultures.

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In today’s episode, tin drum founder Todd Eckert takes us into the exciting and immersive realms of mixed reality, and reveals how this new medium is changing the way audiences connect with the world and each other. Todd also takes us behind the scenes at tin drum, shares his thoughts on phone culture, and talks about bringing more depth and dimension to both traditional and emerging forms of storytelling.

Topics include:

  • Creating dynamic worlds that people want to live in
  • Monetary success vs. artistic success
  • Getting people to adopt new mediums
  • Will VR ever go mainstream?
  • Lessons on truth and connection from David Bowie

Todd Eckert is the Founder of tin drum – a mixed reality content production studio. In his former position as Director of Content Development at Magic Leap, Todd worked to actively and positively change the relationship between author and audience. He initiated the company’s volumetric capture system, and much of the initial creative ideology.

Todd started his career as a music journalist at age 14, concentrating on music and film for the next 10 years. He spent the next seven years working in venture capital and financial structuring for media properties. Todd also produced the feature film Control, which won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Edinburgh, and the BAFTA’s. He was also Director of North American for UK game developer Eutechnyx, and while there secured the license for NASCAR, developed a partnership with Fox Sports for the studio, and directed cinematics/motion capture.

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