Today we’re talking to award-winning director John Gallagher about his prolific work as an independent filmmaker, educator, and film historian. During our conversation, John discusses how the digital revolution has impacted the film industry. He also reveals how young artists can harness emerging technologies to find financing and self-distribution, talks about his newest film The Networker, and reveals what it really takes to run a creative team. 

Topics include:

  • The most important aspects of filmmaking
  • Building your reputation within the streaming space
  • Why it’s never been a better time for filmmakers
  • The real deal with content discovery and marketing in the film industry
  • John’s definitive movie list

John Gallagher is an influential and award-winning filmmaker, director, writer, producer, author, historian and educator. He has a highly regarded, encyclopedic knowledge of films and filmmaking, and an exceptional track record in discovering and mentoring new talent, both in front of and behind the camera.

He wrote and directed the critically acclaimed feature Blue Moon starring screen legends Ben Gazzara and Rita Moreno, and also directed and co-wrote the award-winning cult comedy The Deli, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. His newest film, The Networker, starring Sean Young and William Forsythe was released in April, and he will direct the dramatic feature Heavy Shadows as well as the comedy drama Sarah Q (starring longtime colleagues Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastore) in the spring of 2017.

John is also the acclaimed author of Film Directors on Directing (a collection of his interviews with such filmmakers as Francois Truffaut and Dennis Hopper) and his newest books, Nothing Sacred: The Cinema of William Wellman and Hollywood’s Forgotten Master: the Life and Times of Tay Garnett, will be published later this year. His articles on films and filmmaking have appeared in Rolling StoneAmerican Cinematographerand Films in Review, among others.

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As the Director of Digital Experiences at the American Museum of Natural History, Hélène Alonso takes complex ideas and concepts and translates them into engaging and interactive experiences. Today she tells us how she does it. She also talks about the importance of layering information, what you should ask yourself when working with emerging technologies, and how media players can make her award-winning ideas work in every industry.

Topics include:

  • How to create media that works for all ages, paces and cultures
  • Figuring out what is worth your audience’s attention (and how to capture it)
  • Embracing your ignorance and looking at things with fresh eyes
  • How to find the best ways of delivering information

Hélène Alonso is the Director of Digital Experiences at the American Museum of Natural History. She directs a multi-disciplinary team through the design and production of internationally awarded interactive experiences, focusing on the integration of digital information and the three-dimensional environment.

She has worked on several innovative projects involving physical computing, projection mapping and mobile development. Her team has won several awards for their mobile projects, including two Webby Awards, The Muse Award, and Apple Best App of the Year.

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In today’s episode, Xavier Kochhar (CEO of The Video Genome Project) talks about how his technology is changing the way the world accesses, organizes, and analyzes data. During our conversation, Xavier also explores the next big thing in personalization, why Hulu was the best platform to deploy these personalization products, and reveals why the best creations come from connecting disparate ideas and perspectives.

Topics include:

  • Why your users are the best resource
  • Watching the world’s intelligence evolve (and what that means for media)
  • Uncovering data across cultures
  • Why everyone views content differently (and what that means for personalization)

Xavier Kochhar is the CEO of The Video Genome Project, a company whose mission is deeply rooted in the belief that the world’s data should be accessible for all to use. The VGP is the largest, broadest, and most granular structured database of video content, film, TV, and online video in the industry.

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Jayde Lovell is an award-winning neuroscientist and science marketer who helps scientists transform their work into compelling human stories. In today’s episode, Jayde breaks down the science behind the art of storytelling, and explores how everyone from researchers to media players can use it to create dynamic digital campaigns. She also talks about the evolution of social media, and reveals the true driving force behind innovation. 

Topics include:

  • Why scientists need to become better marketers
  • Digital content that actually works
  • Why trusting in science is more important than ever before
  • Innovating the lazy way
  • The relationship between storytelling and politics

Jayde Lovell has spent a decade helping scientific organizations advocate for their work. In 2014, Jayde left her role as Vice President of the world’s largest PR agency, Weber Shandwick, after she saw first-hand how easily science could be misused for profit. She set about doing something about it – founding ReAgency in New York City, with a vision to work exclusively with science and information-based clients. Her clients include organizations such as NASA, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, National Academy of Engineering, Louisiana State University, Coca Cola, Verizon, McDonalds and Nike.

She was awarded ‘Best Digital Campaign’ for her work with Unilever, was crowned ‘The Next MacGyver’ by the National Academy of Engineering, and named in Anthill’s ’30 Under 30′. She appeared with President Obama at SxSW in Austin, Texas, presented on science marketing at NYU & Yale, has given speeches to Google and YouTube, and hosted live TV at Harvard University. Jayde also puts her science communication ideas into practice as host of ‘ScIQ,’ the science show on The Young Turks Network.

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